TOP 5 DIY Halloween Stories: TOP 5 Inexpensive Ideas Which You Can Try

Hey Guys, I am back with my research, Got some coolest and dazzling ideas for this Halloween. It’s going to help me enjoy this Halloween without hurting my pocket much and you can do the same if you like these ideas. Yes. Coz I have got some Really Awesome DIY ideas. To be very honest. It’s the hard work of some great you tubers and their ideas but I did a lot of hard work in bringing them together.So some credit goes to me too. We have got some exclusive new ideas on the Halloween 2017. So let’s get your relative hats or shoes on, whatever you prefer and I am so excited to make this, I always wanted to wear the skeleton hand necklace without spending money.

TOP 5 DIY Homemade Ideas on Halloween

1.Barb Wire Necklace: It is the only unisex thing I got, and it is a great Halloween DIY and Super easy to make.All you need is some wire, you need to make a semi-circle with the wire and design and It the way you like. You can get as creative as you like.I am just sharing a small picture.And don’t forget to put some hot glue on the sharp edges to avoid any cuts and bruises. You can add some red colour of lipstick on your neck, blood dripping necklace. (Or you can save some fake blood by the hack I will be sharing). I am sure the Halloween spirit will help you customize it. Do share your pictures

2.Skeleton Hand necklace – It looks so great and it’s fun to make.Never thought that we can make this with the hot glue gun but thanks to youtube.Xo Johana, She just did a great job in opening my creative eyes. And this year I will make one, all you need to do is draw skeleton hands on a white sheet cover it with glass top and so that it will be a plain surface and you can see what you have drawn and just draw it with the hot glue gun on the glass.

3.Skeleton Hand Accessories

And for those who are not really good in sketching, just relax get a printout of Skelton’s hands and start the work. And once you have drawn the Skelton hands on the glass with the glue gun, just peel off slowly and carefully once it is dry, paint it glitter it customize it the way you like Join both hands like it’s done in the picture, you can attach it any junk jeweler and wear it. Or you can use a Black ribbon, and wear it easily. It looks Freaking sexy and Gives you a great accessory for your Halloween Party.You can even use glow color, be as creative as you want, but whatever you do click a picture and show that to me too.It’s just a picture of how it can be made, just an idea

4 – Fake Blood– I am sure no one loves blood but Its Halloween 2017  so who cares , make your own bottle of fake blood and sprinkle it on your dress body or your bracelet for making the Halloween more BLOODY.

You just need a small bottle or a big one depending on your requirement

And you need to add some chocolate syrup some honey and few drops of red food colour, mix it on you have your dripping fake blood ready too, (and its edible too, so if you want to scare and disgust other by licking it go ahead  coz its Halloween be as weird and scary as you like)

  1. Must check

It has Skelton bobby pins

Clip on Cat Ears

Skelton Bracelet

And some great way to accessories your bellies and make it up to the mark for the Halloween

And all you need is hot glue gun and some paints and glitters

Which I am sure all the DIY lovers already have.

There is no life for DIY Lovers without these scraps.

Thanks you all for reading this post on the TOP 10 DIY Homemade Ideas on Halloween For more Vampire fangs and Spooky bulbs for your party I am sharing this YouTube link of Hello Maphie. Do watch it, and share if you got some better ideas than me or a better link for me. Do like and Subscribe to our Facebook page for more updates on the Halloween 2017.



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