America’s Got Talent (AGT) 2023 Spoilers Contestants Semifinal Predictions

We are back here with a new post update regarding America’s Got Talent (AGT) 2023 Spoilers Contestants Semifinal Predictions and we will be coming up with all possible updates on the show. We have seen the amazing episode in the last week of Hollywood Weekend we are looking forward to amazing moments on America’s Got Talent (AGT) 2023. We have got the America’s Got Talent (AGT) 2023 Semifinal Spoiler contestant list which you can check out and we are looking forward to all the amazing moments on the show. In this editorial, you can Check America’s Got Talent (AGT) 2023 Semifinal or America’s Got Talent (AGT) 2023 Semifinal and voting will start in April 2023. We are now heading towards showstopper week of America’s Got Talent (AGT) and we are looking forward to another amazing episode of next week’s shows.  America’s Got Talent (AGT)’s last week episode was amazing and viewers’ ratings have increased about the show. The Semifinal contestants of America’s Got Talent (AGT) 2023 are given by the 3 judges and you all should be ready for all the updates here with us.

America’s Got Talent (AGT) 2023 Semifinal Contestants Spoiler Details Who will win the Final

We are here to talk about the America’s Got Talent (AGT) 2023 Semifinal Contestants Spoiler Details Who will win the Final we are very much excited for this week’s updates on the show. It’s too early to find out who will win America’s Got Talent (AGT) 2023 but we are looking forward to another amazing moment on the show. You can check out live voting details in mid of August 2023 and we are looking forward to another amazing season of the show. There will be total 5 Semifinals and one finale week where viewers would have to vote to decide the AGT 2023 Winner. We have almost got the list of America’s Got Talent (AGT) finalists and we are just two weeks away from the live show. Do follow the America’s Got Talent (AGT) official page for more updates on the show.

America’s Got Talent (AGT) 2023 Contestants List Spoiler

S. No Contestants Name Act Status Episodes Insta Profile
1 Allan Reinikka Pole Dance Not Selected Episode 1 allanreinikka
2 D’Corey Johnson Singer Competing Episode 1 dcoreysworld
3 Kozo Comedian Not Selected Episode 1 kozo_19
4 Mzansi Youth Choir  Choir Golden Buzzer
BY Audience
Episode 1 mzansiyouthchoir
5 Nancy LaFancy Dancer Not Selected Episode 1 nancylafancyyy
6 Orlando Leyba Stand-up Comedian Competing Episode 1 heylando
7 Philip Bowen Instrumentalist Competing Episode 1 philipbowenmusic
8 Shadow Ace Puppetry Act Competing Episode 1 boomshadowace
9 Steel Panther Comedy Band Competing Episode 1 steelpanther
10 Three G Body Balancing Competing Episode 1 triothreeg
11 Trex Flips Dinosaur Act Competing Episode 1 Not Known
12 Trigg Watson Magician Competing Episode 1 triggwatson
13 Lambros Garcia Dance Competing Episode 2 the_real_lambros_garcia
14 Muhamed Kahrimanovic Hammerhand Not Selected Episode 2 kahrimanovic.muhamed
15 Mitch Rossell Singer Competing Episode 2 mitch_rossell
16 Mandy Muden Stand-up Comedian Competing Episode 2 mandymuden
17 Ramadhani Brothers Body Balancing Competing Episode 2 Not Known
18 Avantgardey Dance Group Competing Episode 2 avantgardey_
19 Putri Ariani Singer Golden Buzzer
By Simon
Episode 2 arianinismaputri
20 Sainted Trap Choir Choir Competing Episode 2 saintedtrapchoir
21 Zoe Erianna Piano Playing Competing Episode 2 zoeerianna
22 Virginia Stone Singer Not Selected Episode 2 virginiastone4
23 Ray Wold Fire Act Competing Episode 2 ray.wold.16
24 Alex & Alex Musician Not Selected Episode 3 Not Known
25 Ahren Belisle Stand-up Comedian Competing Episode 3 ahren_belisle
26 Alexandr Leshchenko Multimedia Dance Competing Episode 3 alexandrlaschenko
27 Brynn Cummings Ventriloquism Competing Episode 3 brynnocummings
28 Alfie Andrew Singer Competing Episode 3 alfieandrewmusic
29 Ricardo Pace Hand Musician Competing Episode 3 maestropace
30 Herwan Legaillard Sword Swallow Competing Episode 3 herwanlegaillard
31 Grace Good Hula Hoop Competing Episode 3 gracegood
32 Atlanta Drum Academy Drum Group Golden Buzzer
By Terry
Episode 3 atlantadrumacademy
33 David Rush Record Breaker Not Selected Episode 3 recordbreakerrush
34 Roland Abante Singer Competing Episode 3 rolandabante
35 John Wines Guitarist Competing Episode 3 oldgreyguitarist
36 Anna DeGuzman Magician Competing Episode 4 annadeguzman
37 Charles Haycock Stand-up Comedian Not Selected Episode 4 charleshaycock
38 Dani Kerr Singer Competing Episode 4 dani.j.kerr
39 El Invertebrado Contortionist Competing Episode 4 invertebrate_gab
40 Eseniia Mikheeva Dancer Competing Episode 4 esenya_miss
41 Freedom Singers Vocal Group Competing Episode 4 lacan_freedomsingers
42 Joy Brooker Comedy Singer Not Selected Episode 4 joy.brooker
43 Maureen Langan Stand-up Comedian Competing Episode 4 maureenlangan
44 Murmuration Dance Group Golden Buzzer
By Howie
Episode 4 megaunity_officiel
45 Ninah Sampaio Singer/Rubix Cube Competing Episode 4 ninahsampaio
46 Poose The Puppet Puppet Act Not Selected Episode 4 poosethepuppet
47 Steve Goodtime Danger Act Not Selected Episode 4 stevegoodtime
48 Sweaty Eddie Novelty Act Not Selected Episode 4
49 Thomas Vu Fire Act Competing Episode 4
50 Warrior Squad Acrobatics Group Competing Episode 4 warrior_squad_india_official
51 Adrian Stoica & Hurricane Dog Act Competing Episode 5 adrianstoica.dogcoach
52 Berry Brewer Jr Comedy Singer Competing Episode 5 barrybrewerjr
53 Chen Lei Acrobatics Competing Episode 5 artistchenlei
54 Erica Coffelt Dancer Competing Episode 5 erica_coffelt
55 Justin Jackson Tap Dancer Competing Episode 5 itsjustinjackson
56 Lachune Singer Competing Episode 5 lachunek
57 M Novelty Act Not Selected Episode 5 Not Known
58 Ryan Hayashi Magician Not Selected Episode 5 ryan_hayashi_official
59 Ryland Magician Competing Episode 5 Not Known
601 Sangsoon Kim Magician Competing Episode 5 sangsoonkim_official
61 Sharpe Family Singers Vocal Group Competing Episode 5 sharpefamilysingers
62 Trailer Flowers Music Duo Competing Episode 5 trailerflowers
63 Mariandrea Dancing Competing Episode 6 mariandreavc
64 82nd Airborne Chorus Singing Competing Episode 6 thetemptations
65 Artem Schukin Magic Competing Episode 6 artem_shchukin_official
66 MOS Band Competing Episode 6 mos_brass
67 40 Pounds Dance Competing Episode 6 Not Known
68 Let It Happen Dance Not Selected Episode 6 letithappenband
69 The Zoo Dance Competing Episode 6 thezoolv
70 Oswaldo Colina Finger dancing Competing Episode 6 dedosbailarinesofficial
71 Trent Toney Singing Competing Episode 6 trenttoneyy
72 Puppet Simon & The Cow Belles Puppets, comedy, singing Competing Episode 6 pandersonium
73 Duo Desire Aerialists Competing Episode 6 duo.desire
74 Presley & Taylor Singing Not Selected Episode 6 presleyandtaylor
74 Andrew Stanton Knife swallowing Competing Episode 6 andrew_stanton_ssss
76 Lavender Darcangelo Singing Golden Buzzer By Heidi Klum Episode 6 lavenderdarcangelo
77 Poetic Flight Pilots Competing Episode 7 Not Known
78 BJ Griffin Singing and electric cello Competing Episode 7 bjgriffinmusic
79 Phil Wright and Parent Jam Dancing Competing Episode 7 theparentjam
80 Enishi Magic Competing Episode 7 enishifacechange
81 Timothy Fletcher Drumming Competing Episode 7 timothyfletcher_
82 Galactivators Singers Not Selected Episode 7 galactivators
83 Lance Armlong Golfing skit Not Selected Episode 7 Not Known
84 Gorilla Circus Act Not Selected Episode 7 thegorillagician
85 Koko Hayashi Face yoga Not Selected Episode 7 kokohayashi
86 Rybka Twins Dancing and acrobatics Competing Episode 7 rybkatwinsofficial
87 Duo Just Two Men Hand balancing Competing Episode 7 Not Known
88 Cakra Khan Singing Competing Episode 7 cakra.khan
89 Magic Mike Jacobson Magic Competing Episode 7 hellomagicmike
90 Atai Show Dancing Competing Episode 7
91 2 Moms United By One Heart Singing Competing Episode 7 2momsunitedby1heart


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